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The NYC Doctor Trusted by Celebrities and Athletes all over the world.
A leading expert in his field, Dr. Joel Singer has more than 30 years of medical experience.

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The NYC Doctor Trusted by Celebrities and Athletes all over the world.

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Dr. Joel Singer

Joel Singer is a medical director at Park Avenue Stem Cell, is the leading specialist in personalized cell therapy research in the New York area. At Park Avenue Stem cell we use your blood sample , bone marrow and or adipose extraction techniques in order to obtain your OWN PERSONAL CELLS. These cells are minimally manipulated and used in an homologous manner in clinical research in order to obtain data to provide information about the safety and efficacy of these treatments

The Park Avenue Stem Cell features the latest diagnostic and possible treatment solutions for your medical problem especially osteoarthritis of knees and shoulders. In many cases you may be able to avoid surgery and get relief from your pain.


A Foundation to Start

Before starting Park Avenue Stem Cell, Dr. Singer was one of the pioneers of liposuction surgery. This foundation led him to his current interest in leading edge personal cell research.

This in turn, instilled in him a desire to provide real world solutions for patients suffering with chronic pain. He was concerned that traditional treatments were providing little relief for patients in most cases.

Dr. Singer hopes to share his knowledge with other surgeons around the world. He believes that everyone suffering with chronic pain can have access to his life changing treatment options.

Joel Singer Lending a Hand

He’s also spent a lot of time providing free surgeries to children in need of life changing operations. This foundation is called Healing the Children. This is a non-profit organization committed to providing medical treatment to children around the world. These children wouldn’t normally have access to such life changing treatment.

Park Avenue Stem Cell is one of the first clinics to offer personal cell treatments for chronic pain in New York City. This unique branch of medical science doesn’t just offer a treatment alternative. In many cases, personal cell treatments can actually help the body to regenerate.

Our bodies have a limited ability to regenerate on their own, but personal cells can accelerate the process. Dr. Joel Singer believes that this is the best way forward for the treatment of chronic pain.


HIP Pain

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Personal Cell Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

~Greg A.

I thank Dr. Joel for restoring my confidence. My worsening baldness has been a major source of frustration and shame for me in the past decade. I’ve tried everything I can think of but to no avail. Fortunately, a friend of mine referred the good doctor to me and he had solved my problem with a successful hair transplant. Once more, thanks so much.

~Glenn R.

I can walk again thanks to Dr. Singer. I have been suffering from severe arthritis for almost two decades now. The pain became so extreme I became unable to walk 3 years ago. Dr. Singer combined personal cell treatment with platelet reach plasma to treat my degenerative hip joint and it worked wonders for me. Thank you, doctor. Running is still a ways off but I can even jog now.

~Tanya D.

I was warned by my doctor that the cartilage layer in my right knee has deteriorated to a point that she recommends I undergo a major operation. Fortunately, in my search for 2nd opinions, I’ve learned about Dr. Singer. He advised me to undergo stem cell therapy instead. I took his advice and my knee is almost back to 100% now. And all it needed was a minor operation instead of the major one that my first doctor recommended.

~Roger V.

Dr. Joel sped up my recovery to 3 weeks with just one Platelet Rich Plasma injection. I’m quite the athletic individual. Unfortunately, I suffered a twisted knee while playing tennis. I was advised by the hospital to rest my knee for 3 months. I was broken because it would have meant that I’ll miss the local tournament I was really looking forward to. Luckily, a fellow athlete told me about Dr. Joel. After visiting his clinic, he told me a PRP treatment might cut my recovery period in half so I agreed. And the results were even better than expected. I got a clean bill of health just 3 weeks after the PRP injection which meant that I fully recovered in just 1 month.

~Richard D.

I busted my knee playing street basketball. It was so bad my doctor told me that I might need a knee replacement surgery. I was devastated. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the after effects of such a major surgery. Good thing I found Dr. Joel Singer. He recommended that I take stem cell therapy to regenerate my knee cartilage instead. I took his advice and I was pretty satisfied with the results. I think my knee is only at 90% right now but It’s a small price to pay to avoid a major surgery.


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The NYC Doctor Trusted by Celebrities and Athletes all over the world.


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